Baltimore Woods Art Gallery explores woodland magic

Fantasy woods carvings, like this wood sprite by Arlie Howell, will be featured at Baltimore Woods Nature Center’s art exhibit, which runs from September 8-October 28.

Fall is just around the corner and although the staff at Baltimore Woods will miss the sights and sounds of summer, we are excited to welcome autumn and the natural magic it brings!

Our art gallery exhibit for September is the perfect “opening act” for the fall show of color we are expecting! From September 8-October 28, the gallery will feature nature photography by Rod Best and fantasy wood carvings by Arlie Howell.
For those wishing to experience the real or imagined magic of The Woods outdoors, the Autumnal Fairy Festival is scheduled for October 14th from 12-4pm and families will have the chance to walk the enchanted trails, make their own magic wands, and meet the woodland fairies and trolls of The Woods.
I’ve attached a press release that highlights our two Woodland Magic artists along with photos of a sampling of their featured works.
Thank you for sharing these autumn events with your audience.

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