Brindisi: Forest Hill now on state Register of Historic Places

Assemblyman Wrote to State Historic Preservation Office Last February in Support of the Nomination

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi today announced that Forest Hill Cemetery in Utica has been placed on the State Register of Historic Places. The listing means it will also now be under consideration for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

“Last February, I wrote to the Director of the State Office of Historic Preservation in support of this nomination. Forest Hill Cemetery is a treasure trove of history, and many of the leading military, business, and political figures of the 19th and early 20th Centuries are buried there.

A walk through this cemetery is a memorable way to learn about the history of the Mohawk Valley, and many of the monuments honoring past leaders are architecturally significant. Having this more than 150-year-old cemetery on the state’s historic registry is one more way to protect and preserve it for future generations,” Brindisi said.

Founded in 1850, Forest Hill includes the gravesites of James S. Sherman, who served as Vice President from 1909 to 1912; Horatio Seymour, Democratic nominee for U.S. president in 1868; Roscoe Conkling, an influential U.S. Senator; Amariah Brigham, a pioneer in the field of mental health treatment; and James H. Ledlie, a Union Army General.

Brindisi says if the Keeper of the National Register approves the nomination of Forest Hill Cemetery, it also will be listed on the National Historic Registry.

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