Tenney Statement on Passage of Building a Better America Budget

Rep. Claudia Tenney

Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (NY-22), cosponsor of the Balanced Budget Amendment, released the following statement on the passage of the budget:

“The passage of today’s budget is a step in the right direction toward paying down our $20 trillion national debt, cutting wasteful out-of-control Washington spending, growing our economy and putting the taxpayers first. The budget will save the taxpayers $203 billion, while paving the way for comprehensive pro-growth tax reform. Within the next ten years, our budget will balance and our deficit will be reduced by $6.5 trillion. To ensure a strong national defense, the primary role of the federal government, the budget increases defense spending, giving our troops the resources necessary to successfully complete their missions.

“Additionally, our budget prioritizes and addresses the stability of Medicare and Medicaid. Medicaid was on an unsustainable path that was only further exacerbated by the passage of Obamacare. This budget reforms Medicaid to ensure the program prioritizes our most vulnerable populations—like seniors and the disabled—to ensure that they can continue to rely on these programs for years to come.”

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