LETTER: Ann Jones Strongest Candidate for Madison County Clerk

To the Editor: 
Nov. 7  is fast approaching and, while the office of the president won’t be on the ballot, it is absolutely critical to vote for your local candidates. One huge office up for election this year is the County Clerk. The current clerk is retiring, and there is no one more fit to fill the office than Ann Jones.
Ann has a wealth of experience working with committees and administrations; in addition, she has spent time this year interviewing other County Clerks around the state and researching techniques to make the county run more efficiently and to save you time when you need to apply for a pistol permit, visit the DMV or find old documents. This experience and work ethic alone makes her the most-qualified candidate for the job.
Along with that experience comes her superior customer service skills. Ann’s warm demeanor and commitment to helping others leaves every person she serves at her job with the Board of Elections feeling satisfied and welcome. These people skills will be invaluable to her in the position of County Clerk.
Ann has the skills and experience; Ann has the people skills. Between these two factors, Ann is by far the best person to be our new Madison County Clerk. I know she’s been a huge help to me when I’ve needed assistance navigating through the electoral red tape for my campaign for the Lenox Town Council. I’d love to see Ann become the County Clerk so that she can help that many more people.
Please get out and support our local candidates like Ann Jones and myself Nov. 7.
Douglas Scott Blanchard, Canastota

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