Bar-20 IDPA Shoot Saturday Oct. 28

Hello, everyone, Bar-20 Cowboy Action Shooters would like to remind people of the IDPA shoot Saturday, Oct. 28. This is at the Eatonbrook Rod and Gun Club, West Wilcox Road, West Eaton.

Right now the weather is looking good – like mid-60s – for October, it’s great, so come out and join us. There will be four stages set up (around 70 rounds). (We also will be using our new mover again this time.)

We have found this to be best suited to the room we have; we would love to do more. There will be a fifth stage, this will be a fun stage, this will be a five-shot stage from the low ready. This will be after the regular shoot, time and weather permitting.

Set up is 8:30 to 9 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 28; shooting starts at 10 a.m., with a safety meeting about 9:50 a.m. We encourage people to get there early and help set up.

This is a cold range, which means your gun may only be handled in the designated safe area and at your own vehicle and must remain unloaded at all times. Registration is $10 and will be at a table at the berm.

Club will be available for bathroom facilities only; bring your own snack or water/soda. No alcohol permitted.

Even if you do not shoot, stop and see if you would be interested and don’t worry if you have never done it. Just come on down, and we will help. We are a very shooter-friendly club.

For more information, visit or

Bar-20 Cowboy Action Shooters thank you for your support.

Here is a link for a map to the club

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