LETTER: Supports Jones for Madison County clerk

To the Editor:

A vote for Ann Jones for Madison County Clerk is a vote for the citizens of Madison County. Ann Jones knows Madison County! She knows its history, its geography, its demographics, its towns, its events, its roads, and, most importantly, she knows and likes its people.

And Madison County people know Ann.

Ann supports and participates in municipal, heritage, social and civic activities throughout the county by serving on boards, speaking on topics and showing support at events.

Ann Jones is the ultimate educator because she has a degree in education and she is an avid learner. She greets each day with an assurance of learning something new. Meetings, articles, records, statistics and people are all meaningful resources to Ann.

Ann can commence and maintain a conversation with anyone, and while she is sharing information she is learning about and liking that person. She sees information as a resource to share with others – not to hoard and “to own.” She is able to dissect complex issues into digestible components for others to learn and examine.

As socially able and engaging as Ann is known to be, she takes her public roles seriously. Her graduate degree in public administration gives her the professional tools, which she has expanded with her constant studies on her own. She researches to get to the heart of an issue.

County vital statistics and legal documents are not dead archives to Ann, but rather, critical records to safeguard for a special rural community. She has studied the responsibilities and operations of county clerks in other counties in New York to gain a strong perspective on that position.

Few people can maintain and express the positive, buoyant and enthusiastic attitude that Ann demonstrates daily – for the day, for problem-solving, for the county in which she lives and for its people.

Too many public servants use positions to serve themselves. Ann Jones sees the position of Madison County Clerk as a way to serve the county community. Who better to serve than one who reassures, respects, values and enjoys its people, archives and issues?

Please consider a vote for Ann Jones to serve our county.

Dorothy Willsey, Peterboro

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