Detour Utica takes participants through the hidden history of Bagg’s Square

On Saturday, Nov. 11, a group of local storytellers will publish Detour: Utica –  Bagg’s Square East: Where Utica Began. The project in an immersive historical audio walking tour that uses your smartphone and GPS to guide participants through the hidden stories of Utica’s oldest neighborhood.

The project was developed by Geoff Storm, Ryan Miller and Matt Wagner through interviews with many local historians including Joe Bottini, Leo Gilman, Michelle Truett and many more.

The approximately 45-minute self-guided tour focuses on the east side of the Bagg’s Square neighborhood’s sights and locations where you can see, touch or experience some of the stories and historical artifacts through the eyes and voices of local historians. You’ll stand on top of Old Fort Schuyler, learn about Meatpacker’s Row, discover the secrets of Union Station and stand on what used to be Bagg’s Square and Bagg’s Hotel.

The founders of the project are hosting an inaugural walking tour this Saturday, Nov. 11, at noon, though the tour can be experienced any day and any time. Those interested in participating should meet at Union Station. To experience Detour Utica, you can download the Detour App from the App Store or Google Play, then search for Utica NY to be redirected to the tour. The experience costs $5 per participant and will be available through the holidays. Headphones and a smartphone with GPS capability are required.

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