Experience the Joy of the Season

The Arc Annual Holiday Concert

The Arc of Madison Cortland’s SunShine Choir, Wind Dancers, and Mighty Fortress will perform their Annual Holiday Concert at St. Paul’s Methodist Church on Sayles St., Oneida on Tuesday, December 12th at 7 pm.

Music is a universal language, an outlet for creativity, a vehicle for personal satisfaction and has made a difference in the lives of the participants.  Being a part of the Wind Dancers, Mighty Fortress and Sunshine Choir brings a sense of pride in participation and the fulfillment of belonging to community.

Everyone is encouraged to participate and those who are non-verbal may express themselves through dance.  Many participants have become more vocal due to their experience singing in the Sunshine Choir.

The Holiday and Spring Concert in June attract more than 600 attendees combined each year.

All are welcomed to attend the free Arc Annual Holiday Concert and experience the joy of the season.

For more information about the concert, call 315-363-3389 ext. 1510.

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