Tenney issues statement on FCC vote

Rep. Claudia Tenney

Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (NY-22) released the following statement on the Federal Communication Commission’s vote to roll back Obama-era regulations:

“The internet is an open marketplace of ideas where everyone has an equal ability to participle in the free flow of information, and we must keep it that way. Today’s vote by the FCC will bring us closer to that goal. In 2015, the Obama Administration implemented heavy-handed ‘net neutrality’ regulations, reclassifying internet service as a telecommunications service.

“This move subjected the internet to government control through a new and restrictive regulatory framework. Since 2015, these restrictive regulations have slowed innovation and decreased investments in new technologies, especially the expansion of internet into rural and underserved areas.

“In the 22nd District, too many rural areas don’t have access to broadband. Lack of access has hampered economic development and hurt job creators who need broadband services to expand their operations. Going forward, Congress should take the next steps to further improve access and privacy through an open process that establishes strong, clear, and legally unambiguous protections for all consumers. Ensuring equal internet access is vital for the dissemination of information and to promote growth and innovation across America.”

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