Tenney issues statement on Trump’s national security strategy

Rep. Claudia Tenney

Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (NY-22) released the following statement in response to President Trump’s National Security Strategy:

“The primary role of our federal government is to ensure national security and the defense of the American homeland. The policies of the previous administrations have not achieved measurable results to keep America safe, and it is far past time for a bold path forward. Today, President Trump laid out a strong National Security Strategy that will place American interests first.

“To deter threats to our homeland and our American way of life, I have been a longtime champion of rebuilding our military, which is capable of providing a strong national defense and promoting peace through strength. Together, Congress and the Administration will ensure that those in the Armed Services have the resources necessary to effectively carryout their missions.

“America cannot afford to stand idly by as vast swaths of the Middle East remain safe havens for terrorist organizations that seek to attack our homeland while further destabilizing the already violate region. A strong 21st Century National Security Strategy will ensure that we defeat terrorist organizations like ISIS who wish to destroy Western values and the American way of life.

“To promote American prosperity and innovation, we will implement a National Security Strategy that puts American workers and economic interests first. For too long, unfair trade deals have disadvantaged American companies and workers, while allowing our strategic competitors to gain the upper hand. These bad trade deals that I’ve fought tirelessly against have allowed countries like China to cheat, manipulate currency and steal American intellectual property. This is unfair and unsustainable.

“Additionally, the safety of our citizens depends on strong border control and enforcement of our immigration rules. We want to welcome people to our country but ensure that when we do, we do so safely and legally. Many have taken advantage of the long time refusal to adequately secure our border and have engaged in nefarious practices, including human trafficking and the illegal drug trade. We will protect the American people by securing the border and enforcing the law to protect our citizens and legal residents.

“I commend the President’s efforts to ensure that American interests are protected both at home and abroad, and I look forward to working alongside the Administration to implement this new bold strategy.”

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