Magee: New York Buy American Act invests in U.S. manufacturing

Bill Magee

Assemblyman William Magee issued the following statement on the Buy American Act:

“Central New Yorkers know the importance of supporting local businesses. We visit our local farmers markets and frequent the mom-and-pop stores that line our busy street corners. The signing of the New York Buy American Act into law makes our local-first mentality state policy (Ch. 451 of 2017).

“This new law benefits both New York and U.S. manufacturers. By putting an emphasis on American-made products, we can create more job opportunities and put money in the pockets of working- and middle-class families.

“The measure requires that certain state agencies give preference to American-made steel and iron for road and bridge projects valued at over $1 million, providing a major boost to manufacturing. It also establishes a workgroup to keep track of the policy’s impact as well as look into expanding the provisions to include other American-made materials and products. By reinvesting in U.S. industries, we’re making sure taxpayer money makes a valuable impact right here at home.

“The New York Buy American Act is a step in the right direction for New York state and our country. Keeping good-paying jobs and creating new ones is a top priority and I’ll keep fighting to ensure that Central New Yorkers have every opportunity to succeed.”

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