Notice about early payment of taxes

Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently issued Executive Order No. 172, authorizing local governments to immediately issue warrants for the collection of 2018 property tax payments, and allowing property owners to pay their 2018 tax bills before the end of 2017.

Madison County is in compliance with the executive order, as it has already issued warrants for the 2018 property taxes. The County has provided all tax collectors with the tax collection files and warrants necessary for them to accept 2018 tax payments in 2017.

The tax bills have been mailed, but may not reach taxpayers’ mailboxes until late this week or even into the following week.

If you are interested in paying your 2018 property tax bills in 2017, contact the tax collector for your town or city.

The Madison County Treasurer’s Office collects property taxes for the town of Hamilton and the town of Lincoln. The Treasurer’s Office is currently accepting early payments for these townships. If taxpayers wish to make early payments by mail, they must be postmarked by Dec. 31, 2017.

The above information should not be considered legal or tax accounting advice. If you have questions regarding how this impacts your personal income tax returns, contact your accountant or financial advisor. Additionally, the above is only applicable to 2018 town and county tax bills, and does not apply to village or school tax bills.

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