Otsego Republican Committee endorses John Salka for Assembly

Otsego Republican Committee endorses John Salka for Assembly

John Salka (R-Brookfield), candidate for the 121st Assembly District, has accepted the endorsement of the Otsego County Republican Committee.

“With the endorsement of the Otsego County Republican Committee, our campaign continues to pick up momentum from not only the respective committees throughout the 121st District, but from citizens who are tired of business-as-usual from Albany,” Salka said. “They are seeing that their current representative can no longer do the job and are looking forward to having an assemblyman who will be responsive to their needs.

“Advocating for education, agriculture and job growth will be just a few of the issues for which I will work tirelessly. In addition, as a medical professional, rural health care will be high on my agenda, and I
will utilize the input of the people throughout the district as guidance when making decisions that affect
my constituents.

“As I continue to go door-to-door and hold face-to-face meetings with members of our educational,
agricultural and health care community, I recognize that they are becoming increasingly frustrated with
the lack of response from Albany and the lack of feedback from our local assemblyman. I will be there
for them.”

Salka is a licensed medical professional, supervisor of the Town of Brookfield, a Madison County
legislator and a former small business owner. He resides in North Brookfield with his wife Erin and son

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