Brindisi: It’s time to implement early voting in NY

Brindisi: It’s time to implement early voting in NY

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi of Utica issued the following statement following Governor Cuomo’s decision to include $7 million in his 30-day budget amendments to fund early voting in New  York state:

“Allowing New York residents to vote early is a change I wholeheartedly support.  New York is one of the few states where voters cannot cast their ballots early, and many of my constituents have told me they support a system allowing early voting.  In the recent 2016 general election, New York ranked 41st among the 50 states in voter participation.  This proposal will boost civic interest and participation in elections, and also will remove barriers to voting.  I strongly support legislation to establish early voting within 14 days for primary and general elections because the right to vote is a cornerstone of our democracy, and in today’s busy society, it will allow more citizens to have a voice and a vote.”

2 comments to Brindisi: It’s time to implement early voting in NY

  • WRONG…….last minute info on a candidate may change your opion and your vote……if implemented…idea needs to enclude, how to change the vote. Voter participation is the credential of the candidate…..bad candidate,,,no voter turn out !

  • Paula Davidson

    I agree with instituting early voting. It’s true, last minute foibles from a candidate may make a person want to change his/her vote and I don’t know if any way has been discovered to securely be able to make the change. I feel more people would vote if there was a longer voting period where they can choose from a broader selection of times.

    One HUGE concern I have about voting in our next election is the interference of Russian hacking. They have shown they are into our infrastructure. They have been in our voting already. I fear many Dem voters will be eliminated in order to assure a Trump win in 2020. We need to win in 2018. Trump has done nothing to stop Putin. In fact, Trump has opened the door to Putin. Any ideas as to what we can do? This has gone so far already.

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