Students to gain hands-on business and leadership experience

Students to gain hands-on business and leadership experience

Buffalo Hospital Supply and Colgate University launch collaborative internship program

This summer Buffalo Hospital Supply, a national distributor of medical, food service and hospitality supplies servicing over 500 organizations based in Western New York and spanning other states, is launching a comprehensive internship program in partnership with Colgate University. This program will offer two Colgate students the unique opportunity to assume a position within BHS where they can immediately contribute to the direction of the company and learn all aspects critical to running a highly stratified business organization.

The two positions for the internship were chosen following a notably competitive selection process that included in-person interviews, presentations and case studies – all conducted on the campus of Colgate University. BHS partnered directly with the head Colgate’s Career Services department, Mike Sciola.

The interns will be based at the company’s headquarters in Buffalo from June to August, before returning to Colgate for the start of the new school year. In that time, the interns will be working on various projects across the company’s different departments. These projects will include the development of digital marketing campaigns, evaluating the effectiveness of the company’s current sales strategy, and making recommendations on the operational effectiveness of the company’s IT systems, among others.

The program is intended to give Colgate students an unparalleled opportunity to gain direct experience in learning all facets of running and growing a 50-year-old family business, while also gaining insights into the workings and complexities of the health care industry. For BHS, it will allow the company a chance to benefit from the fresh perspectives the interns will have to offer. These perspectives will help BHS better engage and serve its 500+ customers in hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, hotels and others across the country.

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