Civil War Weekend comes to an end

When circumstances in life change, one must let go of previously valued situations and move on toward new horizons. Such is the case with Peterboro Civil War Weekend, and it is with mixed emotions that the Civil War Weekend Committee of the Smithfield Community Association has decided to terminate the event.

We can look far enough ahead to predict the eventual outcome of this event, but we would rather look back on the events we have joyously hosted and remember them for their success and fond purpose they served. It is our pleasure to announce that we will continue to provide and expand the Civil War Living History Education Day for fifth-grade students from area schools.

Thank you to the many re-enactors, community members, sponsors, and volunteers for your important contributions to the success of the Peterboro Civil War Weekend over these past 25 years. Your dedication and passion have kept the event alive. We want to give special recognition to Beth Spokowsky, founder of the event, for her vision and commitment from the beginning.

Our focus now will be to continue to provide programs that promote Peterboro’s historical  legacy of passionate concern for the recognition of every human being’s innate, natural right to be treated equitably. We invite any like–minded persons to join us in the development of emerging perspectives and ideas for programs that encourage public thought and commitment regarding the equitable treatment of our fellow humans.

We look back with pride and forward with hope. Please contact us if you would like to help with future programs, or have ideas you would like to share.

The Board of Directors of Smithfield Community Association / Gerrit Smith Estate National Historic Landmark has accepted and approved of the recommendation of its Civil War Committee to terminate the event. The Board wished to extend thanks to everyone who has contributed, whether with a gift of time, knowledge or money over the past 25 years.

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