GUEST COLUMN: Brindisi talks about recent activities

Anthony Brindisi is pictured checking out a drone at Griffiss International Airport.

Boosting drone research in Rome

Funding I recently secured with Senator Joseph Griffo will not only safeguard our region’s military assets–it will help them continue to expand.
$1 million will go to support the Unmanned Aerial Systems test facility supported by Oneida County at Grifiss International Airport, as well as supporting construction of a new headquarters for NYSTEC, and supporting the Central New York Defense Alliance, which protects federal assets in the event of possible federal budget cuts.
This funding will go a long way toward retaining and enhancing Rome Lab, DFAS, and the Eastern Air Defense Sector, all major employers in our region. Click HERE to read more.
Honored By Fire Chief Recognition
Legislation signed into law last October by Governor Andrew Cuomo will provide benefits for qualified volunteer firefighters who contract cancer related to their service.
It took persistence and the help of several statewide organizations to see this bill become law. That’s why it was a surprise and an honor to be recognized earlier this month by the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs with its Presidential Achievement Award for my work on this extremely important legislation.

There is no question that the dedication and commitment of so many people, including those associated with Believe 271 Foundation, assisted in getting this legislation passed and ultimately signed into law.
Cable price war update: Charter/Spectrum cited for not keeping promises to expand broadband
Several weeks ago, many of you received a mailer giving you the opportunity to share with state and federal regulators any issues you may have had with Charter Communications, the owner of Spectrum Cable.
I’ve received hundreds of replies from constituents, with stories of poor customer service and continued rate hikes from Spectrum customers.
In June, the state Public Service Commission hit Charter/Spectrum with $2 million in fines for missing deadlines to expand the broadband network in the state. Last week, the PSC sent a letter to Charter, ordering it to stop advertising false claims about broadband expansion – and referring the case to the state Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission.
I will continue to push state regulators to go after monopolies like Charter/Spectrum that fail to treat their customers fairly.

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