Hanna endorses Brindisi for Congress

Anthony Brindisi addresses the Madison County Democratic Committee at the Colgate Inn. File photo courtesy Bruce Moseley

Hanna endorses Brindisi for Congress

Richard Hanna, the Republican former Congressman who represented New York’s 22nd District from 2011 through 2017, endorsed Anthony Brindisi for Congress last night in front of a crowd of more than 100 voters in Earlville.

Hanna’s endorsement is a significant boost for Brindisi; Hanna was known in the House for working with both parties to solve problems in Upstate New York and is backing Brindisi because he knows he’ll do the same in Washington.

“After serving in Congress for a few terms, I know that real leadership in Washington means being able to stand up to party leaders and work with everyone,” said Hanna. “Claudia Tenney has shown that she’s incapable of doing that, and folks in Upstate New York have suffered as a result. We need people like Anthony in Congress who will bridge the divide to get things done.”

Republicans and Democrats from throughout the district attended the event at the Earlville Opera House. Hanna and Brindisi dedicated most of their time to taking questions directly from the audience, responding to voters’ concerns about healthcare, agriculture, bridging political divides and improving the Upstate economy.

“This is a district that has historically been represented by people who put party aside to work for the people of Upstate New York,” Brindisi said. “Richard Hanna is a great example of that, and I’m honored to have his endorsement in my campaign. Unfortunately, our current representative is more focused on playing politics and making decisions to please donors rather than bringing people together to solve problems.

“I’ve always been an independent voice because that’s what gets things done, and that’s what we need in Washington.”

Brindisi has received the support of several Republican officials throughout his campaign, a sign of his independence and ability to work with everyone. In addition to Hanna, Republican Mayor Rick Adams of Frankfort and Republican Assemblyman Mark Butler are supporting Brindisi.

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  • Honna Whelley-Bowen

    We NEED Brindisi…”We” the voters of this District…not the NATIONAL GOP that Tenney spends her time representing…Bring polictics HOME !!! Go Local !! Not Low!

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