Salka: Worrying start to session

Assemblyman John Salka (R,C.Ref-Brookfield) issued the following statement regarding the start of the 2019 Legislative session

“While I am very optimistic to hit the ground running this session, talk in the chamber has me concerned. I had hoped to hear the start of locking the property tax cap or a stand to real ethics reform and term limits, but all that’s coming down the pipe to me is New York City-based healthcare and a return to failed economic development programs.

“We will see what comes from all these whispers in the coming weeks, but if we don’t get any real movement at the start to what hard-working middle-class families need, we’re in for a very rough 2019.”

Assemblyman John Salka of Brookfield represents the 121st Assembly District, encompasses all of Madison County and portions of Oneida and Otsego counties.

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