Each day in the United States, 29 lives are lost due to drivers who choose to get behind the wheel of their vehicle while their ability is impaired.  In 2016, that translated to 10,497 people being killed in alcohol related vehicle accidents.

In effort to broaden awareness of these and other fact related to the influences of alcohol on driving ability, the Morrisville State Athletic Department has teamed up with the Madison County Stop DWI program and will be dedicating an upcoming men’s hockey game to the cause. 

The Mustangs will be using their game on Saturday, Feb. 2 at 4 pm against SUNY Brockport as an opportunity to spread the word about the dangers of driving with impaired ability.  The game will be played at the IcePlex located on the SUNY Morrisville campus.

Working with Madison County’s Stop DWI Program Coordinator Jennifer Cottet, Morrisville State has planned a variety of activities tied to promoting awareness about the ever present problem of people driving when their abilities have been compromised by alcohol and other drugs.

“I was very excited about this opportunity when Jennifer contacted us about participating,” Morrisville State Athletic Director Greg Carroll said. 

“My sense is the challenge of creating awareness about the dangers of driving while under the influence of any drug is an ongoing, and it should never be far removed from the public eye.”

“When we stop talking about the problem and keeping it at the forefront is when people seem to get complacent and we see a rash of incidents and fatalities.  Even one tragedy is one too many.”

Several special guests will be in attendance for the contest, including Madison County Sheriff Todd Hood, administrators from Morrisville State, as well as educational administrators from Madison County’s STOP DWI Program.

In addition, family members directly affected by tragedies involving impaired ability driving will be in attendance to share their stories and support this educational initiative.

Members of the Mustang hockey team will be voicing public service announcements about the effects of alcohol on driving ability throughout the game and there will be various giveaways for those attending. 

Following the game team members will also be offering a “Skate with the Mustangs” opportunity for those who would like to get on the ice.  Skate rentals are being donated by the Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation.

For more information about this event contact Carroll in the Morrisville State Athletic office at 315.684.6072.

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