Birnie Proposes Shared Vehicle Storage Facility

(Town of Hamilton, NY – March 2013) As usual, remarks from community attendees opened our March 15 Hamilton Town Council meeting. A petition from a Hamilton village resident was presented in support of renaming Triangle Park in honor of well-loved Hamiltonians Mayfred and Judy Plesniarski.

Mayor Margaret Miller updated us on a proposed milk processing […]

Further Consideration of SOMAC Proposal Expected

Hamilton: From Town Hall

(Hamilton, NY – March 2013) The Feb. 14 Hamilton Town Council meeting opened with remarks from community attendees. We heard from a resident who spoke in support of the new draft wind law for the town of Madison, a concern of Hamilton residents who may feel impacts of wind projects in […]

Hamilton Town Council Hears from PCD, Continues Budget Work

Submitted by Chris Rossi

(Hamilton, NY – Oct. 2012) Our Oct. 11 Hamilton Town Council meeting opened with news from Shannon Montaro from the Partnership for Community Development. The PCD is a unique non-profit organization created as a collaborative effort of the village and town of Hamilton and Colgate University. All three entities provide financial […]

Town of Hamilton Budget Development Underway

Submitted by Chris Rossi

(Hamilton, NY – Sept. 2012) The Sept. 13 Hamilton Town Council meeting started with news of Barb Coger Day to be held Sept. 26 in the village of Hamilton. The Town Council thanks Barb for her work in making the Hamilton Library such a vibrant and welcoming place.

August highway work […]

Town of Hamilton: Stenographer Sought, Impact of Gas Development Discussed

By Chris Rossi

(Hamilton, NY – Aug. 2012) The Aug. 9 Hamilton Town Council meeting was held in the Village Court House to accommodate a presentation by our town attorney.

We transacted our usual town business, approving bills and discussing bids for sand and fuel oil.

We were updated on road repairs around […]

Madison County Gas Development Working Group Calls for Balanced Tapping of Natural Gas Resources

(Madison, NY – May 30, 2012) In coordination with Citizens for Safe Energy of Madison County, The Madison County Natural Gas Development Working Group held a public information session on Wednesday evening to reveal findings of the Working Group’s research in an interactive forum with local residents.

Highlights of the event included a […]

Shwartz, Rossi Thank Hamilton Voters

To the Editor:

(Hamilton, NY – Nov. 2011) We would like to express our thanks to all of those friends and supporters who worked so hard on our campaigns, hosted our meetings, took our signs and most importantly, came out to vote.

It was a mighty and fruitful effort, all made possible by you.

Thank […]

Pangallo Thanks Hamilton Voters

To the Editor:

(Hamilton, NY – Nov. 2011) I would like to express my thanks to the nearly 1,200 voters in Hamilton who cast a ballot in the recent town election.

In many towns, local elections are too often disregarded by voters, despite the fact that there is no other level of government that has […]

Supports Hamilton Democratic Slate

To the Editor:

(Hamilton, NY – Oct. 2011) We have the opportunity in this election to bring new faces, fresh ideas and different perspectives to the town of Hamilton board.

Eve Ann Shwartz is a lifelong resident of the town of Hamilton who offers us experience in local government, community organizing and agricultural development. The […]

Several Support Rossi for Hamilton Town Council

To the Editor:

I remember the words of a beloved civics teacher who cautioned, “If you are not prepared to do the heavy lifting, be sure to find someone to represent you who is.”

As most of you know from her tireless and determined work to prevent NYRI from installing power lines in our area, […]

Hamilton Forum to host Town of Hamilton Candidates

(Hamilton, NY – Oct. 2011) The Hamilton Forum will host the Town of Hamilton Candidates on Thursday Oct. 27 at 7 p.m. at the Hamilton Public Library.

The candidates for Town Supervisor are Scott Mills and Eve Ann Shwartz. The Town Council candidates are Kerry Dart, David Holcomb, Dominick Pangallo and Chris Rossi.

The format […]

Supports Democratic Slate

To the Editor:

(Hamilton, NY – Oct. 2011) On Nov. 8, the town of Hamilton will have the opportunity to elect a supervisor and two town councilors who would bring fresh perspectives and expertise to a town that has struggled to recover from inadequate reporting and misguided financial management.

Eve Ann Shwartz would bring to […]