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(Hamilton, NY – March 2013) The Feb. 14 Hamilton Town Council meeting opened with remarks from community attendees. We heard from a resident who spoke in support of the new draft wind law for the town of Madison, a concern of Hamilton residents who may feel impacts of wind projects in the adjoining town.

Representatives from SOMAC ambulance service presented a resolution to the town council proposing the creation of a tax district to fund their operations. SOMAC provides a vital resource for the community and, with changes in how hospitals operate, reduced availability of volunteers, hiring EMTs and funding concerns, SOMAC is reaching the limits of financial viability.

Creating a taxing district for the towns that have coverage through SOMAC would ensure the continuation of this valued service. Supervisor Eve Ann Shwartz and Town Councilmen David Holcomb and Peter Darby will work with SOMAC to further explore this option and open discussion on the proposal with the town of Lebanon.

The meeting proceeded with news from our highway supervisor on plowing and maintaining roads, as well as updating our equipment. Additional housekeeping included paying bills and reviewing end-of-year financial forms and code enforcement activities.

A public records committee headed by Councilwoman Carolyn Todd recommended that the town adopt a policy to govern archiving and storing public documents that are kept at the town office. The proposed policy was adopted and Sue Reymers, town bookkeeper, with the help of volunteer Regina Silvestri and other town employees, will develop and implement new practices to better manage the town’s public documents.

Rossi reported for the Energy Working Group on the recent meeting with the town council, attorney Joe Catalano and planner Nan Stolezenburg to discuss the town of Hamilton’s comprehensive plan. The existing plan, put into place in 1999, is a good document that is ready to be updated or amended to reflect the current profile and upcoming needs of the town.

The board discussed working with a planner and the community to move forward with this project. The town council also passed a resolution in support of hiring Delta Engineering to put a road protection plan in place for the Town of Hamilton. We are talking to adjoining towns about joining us as a way to save costs and create uniform road use laws in our area.

The Hamilton Town Council meets the second Thursday of the month at the town of Hamilton office in the village of Hamilton at 7 p.m. Our next regular meeting is Thursday, March 14. We invite and encourage you to join us.

For more information, visit www.townofhamiltonny.org/

Submitted by Chris Rossi, Hamilton Town Council

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