Lebanon Board Approves Negotiations for Road Use Law

(Town of Lebanon, Randallsville, NY- April 2013) Lebanon town board members authorized Supervisor Jim Goldstein and attorney Steven Jones to enter into negotiations with Delta Engineering for the purpose of entering a contract to develop a road use law.

Lebanon officials also took comment from concerned members of the Georgetown ambulance squad and the Eaton […]

Lebanon Town Board to Discuss Code Enforcement, Highway, Solar Energy Issues and Public Input on Proposed Road Plan

(Town of Lebanon, NY – April 2012) Lebanon town board members will be reviewing the status of code enforcement in the Town of Lebanon with Code Enforcement Officer Matt Van Heusen at the Monday, April 9 monthly meeting of the Town Board at the Smith Valley Community Center in Randallsville on River Road in the […]

Lebanon Establishes Health Insurance Savings Plan for Highway

(Town of Lebanon, NY – March 2012) Lebanon town officials will meet Monday, March 12, at 7:30 p.m. at the Town Office, 1210 Bradley Brook Road in the hamlet to discuss code enforcement and town justice updates with local officials.

Town officials are requesting Code Enforcement Officer Matt Van Heusen give the board an annual […]