More Trees Please

The Omans: L to R Son Terry (Blue), Elaina (striped), Jessica mom), Bethany (red), Erich (green) for Damon Farm New Woodstock.

Jason Waite and Christina Tucker from CAZ Farm in Cazenovia.

Jerry Boyd, Madison Co. SWCD technician plants a white pine on a conservation buffer site.

By Troy Bishopp

(Hamilton, NY – May 2013) President […]

Successful Forage and Grazing Management Seminar: The Beginning of More Equine Programming in Madison County

Participants hold up a cloth equine digestive tract.

Pictured is Troy Bishopp working through his grazing management worksheet.

(Morrisville, NY- April 2013) Cornell Cooperative Extension of Madison County hosted a foraging and grazing management seminar to support the equine industry in the county. A total of 28 participants sacrificed the nice weather to spend a […]

Why Should Conservationists have a Positive Interest in … Farming?

Madison County Soil and Water Conservation District Honors the Carrier Family as the 2013 Conservation Farm of the Year. (Submitted photos by Sharon Driscoll)

By Troy Bishopp

(Canastota, NY -March 2013) Wendell Berry’s question seems quite relevant in honoring the Carrier Family of ABC-NBR Dairy Farms as Madison County’s newest Conservation Farm of the Year. […]

I Met a Rock Star

The Grass Whisperer

By Troy Bishopp

(Madison NY – Jan. 2013) You’re probably wondering what this has to do with grass farming. Answer: It’s on my grazing planning chart to sometimes leave the paddocks behind and travel to a music venue. It’s a little strategy we’ve adopted after farming too many hours that says, “If […]

Writer’s Block

The Grass Whisperer

By Troy Bishopp

(Madison, NY – Dec. 2012) I can remember going to church suppers with my grandparents and, upon seeing their friends, would discuss what ailments they had and the milligrams and scientific names of medicine that kept them going. I thought it was quite funny at the time to hear, […]

Furry Highlanders Keep Cool Temperament, Physique

City Slicker

By Linda J. Haley

(Town of Lenox, NY) I was invited to drop by Ridgeville Farms on Gee Road in Canastota. I arrived to meet Wendi Campbell, a warm and friendly woman who along with her husband Matt raise grass-fed heritage breed highland cattle on their 140-acre farm. Ridgeville normally raises chickens for […]

Pasture Walk amongst the Trees

Submitted Photos/Troy Bishopp

The Grass Whisperer

By Troy Bishopp

(Georgetown, NY) Sometimes a gathering of farmers hits on all the right notes: a beautiful evening in the pasture, great conversations between new friends and generous scoops of homemade ice-cream with all the sundae fixin’s.

You might ask what prompted this bucolic scene; believe it or […]

Grazeheart Combats the Armyworms

The Grass Whisperer

By Troy Bishopp

It was back in 2001 when I first met the dreaded armyworms marching through my neighborhood munching and crunching on mine and other farmer’s grass plants at night and bivouacking under the cool litter during the day only to return the next evening to eat even more plants; […]

Scenes of the Season



Submitted Photo/Troy Bishopp

(Canastota, NY – Jan. 2012) Friendly snowmen made an appearance at Ingallside Meadows Farm (the Daniel Kline Family) in Canastota recently; their faces, buttons, hats, etc., were handmade out of plywood and painted by the family’s children.

NOFA-NY comes to the Pastures of Madison County


The Grass Whisperer

By Troy Bishopp

(Peterboro, NY – Jan. 2012) “We really enjoy showing everyone around the farm and seeing the positive effects of a pasture-based farming system,” said a welcoming Steven Weaver from Weaver Family Farm to 40 farmers traveling from Rochester to Boonville to attend the New York Northeast Organic […]