Take Charge of Your Health: Protect Your Water

By Virginia Zombek

(Wampsville, NY – April 2013) There is so much to know about our drinking water. Where does it come from and how does it get into our homes? How is it cleaned before we drink it? What can we do to protect it?

One way to protect our natural water sources is […]

Radon – Test, Fix, Save a Life

Healthy Communities

By Viginia Zombek

(Wampsville, NY – Jan. 2013) January has been declared National Radon Action Month by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Madison County Health Department. This time is set aside to urge Madison County residents to have their homes tested for radon; a colorless and odorless gas that […]

Know Your Home’s Air Quality

By Virginia Zombek

(Wampsville, NY – Oct. 2012) What does the term ‘indoor air quality’ mean to you? Is it pet odor in the house, smoky smells from the fireplace or a damp musty odor? Our physical surroundings, our daily indoor and outdoor environments have much to do with the way we feel, think and […]

Catch Those Bats!

By Virginia Zombek

(Wampsville, NY – Sept. 2012) Two Madison County residents recently received rabies post-exposure prophylaxis treatments unnecessarily because the bats that possibly exposed them to the deadly rabies virus were released instead of being captured for testing.

Any time a person is exposed to the bite, scratch or saliva of a possibly rabid […]

Grilling Food Safely


By Virginia Zombek

(Wampsville, NY – June 2012) Though many of us make any excuse to do some outside barbecue grilling at any time of the year, the majority of us wait until the warm breezes of spring and summer start flowing to pull the grill out of the storage shed. With the […]