LETTER: Electoral College

To the Editor:

The framers of the U.S. Constitution created the Electoral College as a result of a compromise for the presidential election process. During the debate, some delegates felt that a direct popular election would lead to the election of each state’s favorite son, and none would emerge with sufficient popular majority to govern […]

LETTER: Fought battles and accomplishments may have to be fought again

To the Editor:

For many of us that are experiencing a nightmare that started Nov. 9, 2016, it is as if America has been taken over by some type of indifferent foreign power that has taken over our modern democracy. For all the different faiths that believe in love for the poor and needy, the […]

LETTER: Thanks supporters of Veterans Thank You Dinner

Town of Verona Veteran, Frank Buda (from the Navy), Councilman Fritz Scherz, and Town of Verona WWII Veteran, Louis Trunko (from the Army) was taken on Nov. 11, as Councilman Scherz and his family hosted the sixth annual Thank You Dinner for Town of Verona Veterans. Veterans from the Air Force, Army, Marines, and […]

LETTER: Neighbors helping neighbors

To the Editor:

Today I witnessed a miracle in the making. A friend’s barn burned to the ground in September. Nov. 16, it was almost raised from the ashes by his Amish neighbors.

They approached him shortly after the fire and wanted to do a barn-raising for him. He had to have the concrete work […]

LETTER: Interested in Participating in the SolarizeCNY Campaign? We need you!

To the Editor:

The Madison County Planning Department invites you to attend the Madison County Solar Fair Nov. 16 at Critz Farms from 5 to 8 p.m. This unique event, with music by the Rapid River Boys and catering by Madison Bistro, will give you the opportunity to support solar in our community in a […]

LETTER: Bridge Gate Verdict

To the Editor:

After the federal felony criminal convictions against Bill Baroni and Bridget Anne Kelly on charges related to the Bridgegate scandal, it is clear that these persons committed an unauthorized exercise of official functions and failed to perform duties required.

Because of this, like Christie, they too can be subject to a complaint […]

LETTER: Silenced No More: In Support of Hillary Rodham Clinton

To the Editor:

In this current election season, I am feeling like a member of a “silenced majority.” This is not only because as a senior woman I know from history and personal experience how members of my gender were literally silenced for most of human history. It is because I see Hillary Rodham Clinton […]

LETTER: ‘Let’s Unclog The Congress – Vote for Kim Myers’

To the Editor: Let’s do our District a big favor, let’s elect Kim Myers to represent us in the Congress. Kim Myers has all the skills and the desire to reach across the aisle to secure passage of needed legislation. She is an experienced problem solver with a demonstrated passion for community service and […]

LETTER: Endorses Myers, Schumer

To the Editor:

I am endorsing Kim Myers and Chuck Schumer, a real mensch.

As Town of Lebanon supervisor, I represent a rural constituency that wants affordable taxes, quality services and local job growth as well as environmental protection, quality organic farm to market products and support for the solar utility we want to create […]

LETTER: Responds to Comment

To the Editor:

Recently Jackie Schmidts made comments regarding one of my editorials.

First: The Federal Order Systems were created because back in the 1930s dairy farmers were victimized by the prices that milk processors were paying for milk.

The United States created the Federal Milk Marketing Orders to stabilize marketing conditions and to mandate […]

LETTERS: Supports Tenney

To the Editor:

The culprits change, but the lies keep coming. This time, the culprits are special interests and Washington-based political action committees dedicated to restoring Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. They are spending millions of dollars trying to defeat conservative Claudia Tenney for Congress by conducting a smear campaign over the airwaves […]

LETTERS: What is new is not always better

To the Editor: What is new is not always better. Undoubtedly, change is needed in Albany, but, at the risk of the visual image, when it comes to your vote for state Assembly, please do not throw the baby (Magee) out with the bathwater (Albany). This year incumbent Bill Magee will run against Brookfield Town […]