LETTER: Many reasons why Ann Jones should be County Clerk

To the Editor: There are many reasons why Ann Jones should become Madison County Clerk. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in education, one that has equipped her to take on the responsibility of training poll workers in all the towns in Madison County on the required computerized voting system. I have spoken with Republican and […]

LETTER: Supports John Ball for sheriff

To the Editor:

I wholeheartedly agree with Undersheriff John Ball’s campaign slogan of “Keep What’s Working.” Not only is Undersheriff Ball working as Acting Sheriff, he is working admirably, as always. In my professional position, I have worked with Undersheriff John Ball on a number of projects and programs over the past seven years including […]

LETTER: Supports John Ball for Sheriff

To the editor: About 4 years ago, I moved back to my hometown in Madison County after having been away for more than three decades. A lot has changed since my youth in a small town, changes requiring steady and reliable law enforcement.

After living in larger cities that aren’t conducive to easy access to […]

LETTER: Thanks Oneida Ward 3 voters

To the Editor: An Open Letter to the Democrats & All the Voters of Ward 3

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to Bill Butler for waging a worthy election effort for the Democratic nomination for Ward 3 City Councilor. He is a true gentleman. My deepest thanks to those Democrats who voted […]

LETTER: Your vote on primary day matters

To the editor:

Please make your vote count on Primary Day, that’s Tuesday, Sept. 12. Primary Day is significant for those who are registered with a political party to help choose the individuals that will ultimately be in the running for elected positions come Election Day.

The choice that you make locally regarding Oneida Common […]

LETTER: Convenience stores strive to deal with gasoline price spike

New York convenience store operators are doing their best to keep pump prices competitive despite having no control over Hurricane Harvey-related events that have caused their wholesale costs to spike dramatically this week.

“In recent days, convenience stores have experienced supplier price increases totaling 30 to 50 cents a gallon,” said Jim Calvin, President […]

Thank you from Peterboro

To the editor:

The committee for Peterboro Hometown Day would like to thank all our vendors and exhibitors for making the day a successful event. We are grateful to all the local companies and individuals that supported our door prizes to benefit the Smithfield Fire Department.

The Fire Department sold out of their chicken barbeque. […]

LETTER: Challenging Magliocca for supervisor

To the Editor:

“The right to own property is the most fundamental and important civil right. Without property rights, there is no freedom.” – John Adams, Founding Father and 2 nd U.S. President

Our founding fathers took a stance that owning property was a right. Today, our rights are still protected under the Bill of […]

LETTER: How can we trust Trump?

To the Editor:

How can we trust Trump? I’m 100 percent behind the states that declined to send voters information to the Trump administration; that information could very well be forwarded to Russia.

By the way, does Vladimir Putin have something so bad on Donald Trump that Trump is speculating firing Jeff Sessions (Attorney General), […]

Goldstein announces another run for Lebanon Supervisor

Dear Lebanon residents and voters:

I am running for another term as Town Supervisor and will be seeking the Democratic nomination of my party at the upcoming caucus in August as well as the independent line of a Farm Development/ Renewable Energy party to support these local initiatives at the town and county level.

I […]

LETTER: Tenney must act to stop health care sabotage

To the editor:

As House and Senate Republicans keep desperately trying to resurrect their devastating health care bills, President Trump made clear that he is going to take his frustration out on hardworking New York families by actively working to undermine the Affordable Care Act. After the repeal effort’s second Senate collapse, he explicitly told […]

LETTER: Reality Check trying to raise tobacco marketing awareness

To the Editor:

My name is Robb Wojsiat. If you simply walk into any convenience store or gas station, what are often the first items you see? For children, the answer is tobacco products.

It is all too easy for a youth to see the excessive amount of tobacco advertisements and products available, displayed with […]