To the Editor:

This year, voters in the town of Hamilton have an unusual opportunity on Election Day. Appearing on the Nov. 2, 2021, ballot for the town of Hamilton are one candidate for supervisor, two candidates for town council and one candidate for town justice who share several important qualities.

All of them have an abundance of experience. All of them have roots in Central New York. And all of them have made public service a priority in their lives. Let me describe them.

Eve Ann Shwartz is running on the Democratic line for her sixth term as Hamilton town supervisor, where she wears two hats, as the chair of the town council and as our representative on the Madison County Board of Supervisors. She has created efficiency in town government, advocates for our valuable local medical emergency services and continues to work for affordable, reliable broadband. She is the board chair of Community Memorial Hospital.

Mary Lee Dinski is running on the Democratic line for her second term on the town council. deputy executive director of Camp Fiver, Mary has been recognized for her innovative work with youth development. She is a licensed social worker with an MSW degree from Fordham University. She serves as the vice president of the Partnership for Community Development.

Travis DuBois is running on the Good Government line for his first term on the town council. Travis grew up in Hamilton and moved back here to raise his family. Trained in engineering, he has years of experience working in municipal government and has used that background to serve on the Town Comprehensive Plan Committee and the Town Office Building Committee.

Town Justice Don Haight is running for his fourth term. Bringing 33 years as a teacher and coach to his role when he was first elected to serve in 2010, Don has concurrently served as associate justice for the village of Hamilton. He has served as president of the Madison County Magistrates and Court Clerks Association for eight years. He is the former Madison County virtual arraignment judge. With the demands of COVID affecting court operations, Don has participated in making the many changes required to normalize court functions.

Elections are important; please remember to vote for these outstanding candidates Nov. 2.

For more information, please see

Village of Hamilton Democratic Committee Chairwoman Carolyn Todd, Hamilton

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