Chittenango Landing Canal Boat Museum Receives Professional Development Grant

Chittenango Landing Canal Boat MuseumChittenango Landing Canal Boat Museum was awarded a $45,624.80 matching grant from the Environmental Protection Fund’s (EPF) Park and Trail Partnership Program to upgrade the position of Executive Director to full time to better serve the educational needs of the area and boost tourism. Chittenango Landing Canal Boat Museum will have to raise an additional $15,208.27 in matching funds, for a project total of $60,833.07.

The grant, announced yesterday by Governor Cuomo, is one of 20 awards totaling $450,000 for organizations dedicated to the stewardship and promotion of New York’s State Parks and Historic Sites. The grants, funded through the EPF, will be matched by nearly $242,000 in private and local funding and will support projects to strengthen Friends groups and enhance public access and recreational opportunities at state parks and historic sites across the state. The Park and Trail Partnership Program grants are administered by the State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation and Parks & Trails New York, a statewide non-profit group.

Friends groups—nonprofit organizations often made up entirely of volunteers—are essential to the stewardship and promotion of our state park system. These dedicated groups raise private funds for capital projects; perform maintenance tasks; provide educational programming; and promote public use through hosting special events.

“Across New York State, Friends groups are essential to the stewardship and promotion of our State park system,” State Parks Commissioner Rose Harvey said. “I applaud Governor Cuomo for getting behind this innovative strategy to leverage the private fundraising and volunteer services our Friends Groups already provide to do even more, and I thank Parks & Trails New York for its work to make it happen.”

“The state’s investment in grassroots Friends Groups will complement Governor Cuomo’s extraordinary commitment to the revitalization of the entire state park system,” Parks & Trails New York Executive Director Robin Dropkin said. “These grant funds will enable groups to leverage more private and federal funding, marshal more volunteer power, and augment the state’s historic investment in parks. We look forward to seeing the transformational results from these innovative and important projects.”

Chittenango Landing educates nearly 3000 school children annually in an award winning hands on education program and welcomes tourists from all over the world on the Canalway Trail and historic site. This grant allows the museum to better serve the school, local and tourist community.

“This grant will give us the capacity to keep up with the growing education program and increasing visitation to the site. We will be able to better serve the school children and tourists who want to visit and learn more about the wonders of the Erie Canal. We are grateful to the Parks and Trails Partnership Program for this support.” Board of Trustees President, Ken Mangine

The Park and Trail Partnership Program grants are designed to:

  • enhance the preservation, stewardship, interpretation, maintenance and promotion of New York State parks, trails and state historic sites;
  • increase the sustainability, effectiveness, productivity, volunteerism and fundraising capabilities of not-for-profit organizations that promote, maintain and support New York State parks, trails and state historic sites; and
  • promote the tourism and economic development benefits of outdoor recreation through the growth and expansion of a connected statewide network of parks, trails and greenways.

The Park and Trail Partnership Program is open to recognized Friends organizations whose primary mission is the preservation, stewardship, interpretation, maintenance and promotion of a specific New York State park, trail or historic site (or multiple such sites) under the jurisdiction of State Parks. More information about the grant program is available at

The Park and Trail Partnership Program, in addition to other grassroots efforts, complements the exciting revitalization and transformation of the entire State park system through Governor Cuomo’s NY Parks 2020 plan.

Parks & Trails New York is the leading statewide advocate for parks and trails, dedicated since 1985 to improving the health and quality of life of all New Yorkers by working with community organizations and municipalities to envision, create, promote, and protect a growing network of parks, trails, and greenways throughout the state for all to use and enjoy.

Chittenango Landing Canal Boat Museum preserves a rare historic dry dock site on the Old Erie Canal, recreates a boat building and full service repair facility, educates young and old about the crucial role the Erie Canal played in building a nation, and serves as a visitor center to tourists on the Old Erie Canal State Historic Park Canalway Trail.

More information on the Park and Trail Partnership Program can be found at or by calling 518-434-1583.

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