Utica Residents Call on Senate to Reject Middle-Class Tax Hike

Community groups, union leaders, and elected officials will be holding a press conference to urge the Senate to reject the contentious tax reform proposal currently being pushed through Congress.

A recent report by the Congressional Budget Office confirms that the plan will result in a significant tax hike for millions of low and middle-class people, including many working families in New York state.

In addition to a higher tax burden for middle-income earners, the bill eliminates state and local tax deductions, which will force local governments to make severe cuts to schools, health services, and nonprofit agencies; 35 percent of New Yorkers claim state and local tax deductions annually.

The proposal extends the bulk of its tax breaks to billionaires and large corporations. By the tenth year, the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans will receive 42 percent of the tax cuts.

WHEN:   Wednesday, Nov. 29, at 4 p.m.

WHAT:   Press Conference to Stop GOP Tax Bill

WHERE:   Utica City Hall Lobby (1 Kennedy Plaza, Utica, NY 13502)

WHO: Central New York Citizen Action, New York State United Teachers, Communication Workers of America, New York State Nurses Association, New York State Employees Federated Appeal, Fiscal Policy Institute, New York State Council of Churches, New York State and Local Retirement System, Indivisible Mohawk Valley

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