Vinny is a 3-year-old male American pit bull terrier mix. He is a sweet guy who enjoys his outside time. He can be shy meeting new people, but it doesn’t take him long to warm up. The staff says he gets along with most furry friends he has met at the shelter. He has excellent manners and doesn’t like to make messes in his kennel. Stop by the shelter and spend some time with him, he has endless potential.

Motti is a 5-year-old girl. She is so beautiful. She has a gentle and sweet spirit. She is a bit cautious. This is because she has a unique situation: she is deaf. Slow introductions, being careful not to startle her and you can get along great. She enjoys lots of petting, will give you love and be sweet in return. You will be great friends and she can be the princess and only kitty in your home. Come visit her soon so you can be forever companions.

For more information, visit, visit 6247 Lamphear Road, Rome, or call 315.336.7070.

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