Assemblyman John Salka

Salka hosts drug take-back day

Assemblyman John Salka (R,C,Ref-Brookfield) will be hosting a prescription drug take-back day Monday, July 8, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. at Nader Towers, 2 Mitchell St., Oneonta. The purpose of the drive is to encourage proper disposal of old and expired prescription drugs.

Salka votes against ‘Green Light Bill’

Salka (R,C,Ref-Brookfield) issues statement on passage of the Green Light Bill.

“I still oppose this legislation. From the beginning, I’ve found it to openly ignore the opinions of a majority of New Yorkers. We should be trying to help these people become citizens, not create a special class of license purely for their use. There’s barely any time left in the legislative session, and this is being pushed to the top of the priority list – not tax relief, business creation, or healthcare reform. It’s almost like the Assembly Democrats are more concerned with pushing a political agenda than helping out struggling New York taxpayers.”

“I am strongly opposed to the ‘Green Light Bill,’” said Sandra J. DePerno, Oneida County Clerk. “I serve as the county-level commissioner of Motor Vehicles, working in partnership with the state Department of Motor Vehicles. My staff is not equipped to verify the authenticity of a foreign document such as a birth certificate.

“I feel that if this bill is passed, it will force my DMV employees and myself to be immigration authorities, which is a federal responsibility. Legislation to provide drivers licenses to people who are here illegally circumvents federal law. I was sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution. This bill will put my fellow county clerks and myself in a compromising position of violating our oath of office.

“Utica is a melting pot for many of our immigrants. They have come to this area, went through the process and are now an asset to our community. Allowing illegal immigrants to circumvent the system is just plain wrong. As Oneida County Clerk, I will not provide driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.”

Canastota light to remain

Assemblyman John Salka (R,C,Ref-Brookfield) is pictured speaking at the traffic light in Canastota Thursday, June 27, 2019.

Assemblyman John Salka (R,C,Ref-Brookfield) is pleased to announce that the efforts of the Town of Canastota have been successful and the traffic light at the dangerous intersection of Peterboro and Center St. will remain. Salka has been outspoken about the need for the traffic light over recent months and has recently met with DOT, Owl Wire and Cable, the chief of police and a representative from the mayor’s office to visit the site and verify that the light will remain.

“We had a big win for our constituents in Canastota, and we officially have the news that the traffic light is staying,”Salka said. “We took a tractor trailer ride and drove through the intersection to show the room that was necessary for Owl Wire and Cable tractor trailers to safely make turns at the intersection. They are proposing to replace the light with a new and up-to-date light that meets safety standards, and also put in modified bumpouts for pedestrian safety. 

“After receiving a petition with more 1,000 signatures, our number-one priority on this issue was safety and to save the light. We wanted to make sure that this intersection was safe for crossing the street, for driving through town and that it had a proper design. I would like to thank Mayor Carla Deshaw and NYSDOT Regional Director for Region 2 Linda Lubbey for working together on this public safety issue and looking out for the residents of Canastota.”

Salka represents the 121st Assembly District, encompassing all of Madison County and portions of Oneida and Otsego counties.

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