Newly Elected Department Commander, Michael McDermott, addresses members of the American Legion gathered at the 101st Annual Convention in Buffalo.

Annual convention draws hundreds to Buffalo, membership elects Cortland County veteran to lead organization

Hundreds of veterans gathered at the annual American Legion Department of New York convention to elect U.S. Navy Veteran Michael McDermott, of Cortland County, as their 2019-2020 Commander.

The 101st American Legion Convention welcomed hundreds of veterans from across New York State. The members gathered to provide reports on their programs, such as American Legion Boys State, the Oratorical contest, American Legion Baseball, as well as support programs and member events and activities.

The American Legion is made up of war time veterans from every branch of the military. Commander McDermott hopes to bring in more Iraq and Afghanistan veterans into the organization and encourages younger veterans to get involved as a way to make a difference in their community and connect with other veterans.

“I’m honored to serve as Commander of the American Legion and look forward to connecting with veterans and supporters around the state,” said McDermott. “We will continue to make the American Legion a place for all war time veterans and advocate for the benefits we’ve earned.”

“Commander McDermott has extensive experience in leading members of the American Legion at a local and regional level,” said Department Adjutant James Casey. “We’re excited to welcome him as our Commander and supporting his work this year.”

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