Attorney General Letitia James

Impacted charities are encouraged to contact the NY Attorney General’s Office

Attorney General Letitia James announced an investigation into, an online fundraising platform that has failed to distribute hundreds of thousands of dollars to New York charities over the past several months.

“ is inexcusably depriving charities of their donors’ generosity,” James said. “Leaving New York’s charitable organizations high and dry by denying them what they are owed is unacceptable; my office is launching this investigation because we remain committed to the protection of New York’s charitable sector and those who contribute to it.”

The investigation, being conducted by the Attorney General‘s Charities Bureau, is based on more than 100 complaints from individuals and organizations. The claims of unpaid contributions range from $200 to more than $100,000.

Charities that wish to submit a complaint may do so on the Attorney General’s website, via email to, or by calling 800.771.7755.

The Charities Bureau has also issued a guidance for charities that have utilized the now-defunct fundraising platform. Impacted charities are encouraged to:

  • If the website is active, use their account to post a message on the page connected to their organization to alert potential donors that contributions should be made directly to the charity, and to cancel any recurring contributions that have been set up on’s website;
  • Post a notice on their websites indicating that contributions should be made directly to the charity and not via;
  • Contact regular contributors to advise them that contributions should be made directly to the charity and not via and to cancel recurring contributions.

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