Rep. Anthony Brindisi

Following push by Brindisi, Local FOX, ABC and NBC stations return to DirecTV customers

Brindisi: Our communities depend on local news; I will continue holding big cable companies accountable

Congressman Anthony Brindisi released the following statement after reports that Nexstar and cable giant AT&T had reached a resolution to local blackouts:

“Finally, these blackouts have come to an end. When big cable companies stop airing local stations it puts our communities at risk. Many New Yorkers depend on local television to find out about breaking news, traffic accidents, and important weather events. I’m glad to see these stations back on the air, and I will continue working to hold these big cable companies accountable.”

Earlier this year, Brindisi called on AT&T to negotiate in good faith with local broadcasters. Brindisi sent a letter to local broadcasters and DirecTV’s parent company, AT&T, expressing his frustrations with the blackouts and the lack of progress in negotiations.

Brindisi’s entire letter to both parties can be viewed HERE.

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