Those interested are invited to the opening reception for the Hamilton Fortnightly Club’s 125th year of sharing research and presentations.

The reception is at 3 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 15, 2019, in the community room of the Hamilton Public Library and will feature a presentation by Colgate Professor of History Jill Harsin on “When Women Have the Vote,” from the Woman’s Suffrage Movement to Margaret Thatcher.

Harsin came to Colgate in 1982 and specializes in Modern Europe, France and the French Revolution and Women’s Studies. She holds the Thomas A. Bartlett Chair and has served Colgate as Division Director (social sciences), interim dean of the faculty and provost (2009-10), as well as interim president (2015-16).

Each year, the Fortnightly Club chooses a theme; this year members will take turns making 20-minute presentations on a wide variety of topics they chose under the theme “The 1890s: When Fortnightly Was Born.”

When it started in 1894, Hamilton’s “Fortnightly” was one of numerous such “literary clubs” for women around the country. A printed schedule of this year’s meetings and topics will be available at the Sept. 15 reception. Guests and visitors (male and female) are invited to the reception as well as to regular meetings.

Contact president Margaret Miller at 315.824.1875, program chair Barb Coger at 315.824.3099 or membership chair Jeanne Rose at 315.8241321 with any questions.

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