Scott Blanchard Running for Lenox Town Council

The Democratic Party, Independence Party and Working Families Party have endorsed Scott Blanchard as their candidate for Lenox Town Council. Blanchard, a lifelong resident of Canastota and Canastota Central School District graduate, is currently employed as a 10th grade English teacher for the Utica City School District.

“I grew up in this community, and I want to keep giving back to it,” Blanchard said. “I want to build on the time I’ve spent on the Canastota Recreation Commission by serving on the town council.

“Our government can work harder for the people in town – and I’ll make sure it does. After a decade or more of the same faces every year, I think people around here are ready for a change. We need more transparency in our local government, we need representatives to be open to fresh ideas, and we need people to hold our representatives accountable.

“I think it’s important to have new blood in the town board to make sure that happens, so I decided to step up to the plate.”

Blanchard graduated from Canastota High School in 2012, earned a bachelor’s degree in English from SUNY Geneseo in 2016, and earned a master’s degree in literacy education in 2018. He is certified to teach English in grades 7-12 and has been teaching since 2016. He has also served on the Canastota Recreation Commission for more than a year.

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