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UPD issues Notre Dame High School threat update

On Oct. 29, 2019, the Utica Police Department was made aware of a conversation that occurred on a social media platform; in that conversation, vague threats were made against specific individuals who were students at Notre Dame High School.

An investigation was initiated, and proactive measures were put in place by Notre Dame High School and the Utica Police Department.

On Oct. 31, 2019, one individual was identified as the suspect who engaged in the conversation with the students and made the concerning comments. The suspect was identified as 14-year-male who does not attend Notre Dame High School.

The juvenile was transported by his mother to police headquarters, where he spoke with an investigator from the Juvenile Aid Unit. The juvenile admitted to creating the social media account, engaging in the conversation and making the threats. During the social media conversation, a photo of a handgun was sent and it was determined to be photo that was taken off the internet. This was confirmed by the juvenile in his interview.

It was determined through the investigation that the threats made were not credible and were not capable of being carried out. This investigation is ongoing and the case will proceed through the juvenile court process.

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