Rep. Anthony Brindisi

The Mohawk Valley will continue to lead and work together to keep our military the greatest in the world

Congressman Anthony Brindisi brought together key defense industry stakeholders with officials from the Department of Defense. Brindisi, a new appointee to the House Armed Services Committee, outlined for industry officials and the DoD the key role Rome and the Mohawk Valley plays in defending our nation.

“As a new member of the House Armed Services Committee, it is important for the Mohawk Valley and Rome in particular to have a seat at the table,” Brindisi said. “From the critical mission in Rome to the countless jobs provided by the defense industry in our region, Upstate New York continues to be a key player in the defense of our nation. From this committee, I will fight to make sure our region continues to lead and that our brave men and women in uniform have the resources they need to fight and win.”

Rome is home to the Air Force Research Laboratory, Eastern Air Defense Sector, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service and the 222nd Command and Control Squadron. Rome Lab conducts extremely vital research and development projects including cutting-edge quantum computing, cyber and counter-UAS research. EADS is responsible for detecting and countering all air threats in the eastern portion of the United States. DFAS ensures that our service-members and DoD’s contractors and vendors are paid on time. The 222nd CACS is one of only eight Air National Guard squadrons that support a space-related mission. They support ongoing space operations crucial to our national security. Brindisi brought together local officials, defense industry stakeholders, and DoD officials for a discussion of the regions priorities.

“The military and research assets we have in our region play a critical role in protecting our nation and the economy of New York State,” said Senator Joe Griffo. “I am hopeful that, in his role on the House Armed Services Committee, Congressman Brindisi will be able to advocate for, protect and potentially grow the military-related institutions and the important work they do in the Mohawk Valley.”

“DFAS/Rome applauds the Congressman’s selection to the House Armed Services Committee,” said President of DFAS National AFGE Council Edward Abounader. “He has been a staunch advocate for DFAS Rome and the 1,000 employees who provide exceptional service to the Department of Defense. Given the numerous issues facing DFAS/Rome, including automation, the outsourcing of the current Rome workload to the services and the challenges anticipated with the NDAA competition, we look forward to his continuing advocacy to make DFAS/Rome stronger and a more vibrant partner in service to our country.”

“It is terrific to have Congressman Brindisi, with an such important role on the U.S. House Armed Services Committee, host this regional round table,” said Mike Walsh, president and CEO of NYSTEC. “This region is a leader in cybersecurity, quantum science, wireless and broadband communications and many other emergent science and technology innovations. All of which are extremely important to our national security and regional economic development.

“This roundtable allows us to work with the Congressman to reinforce and collaborate on regional and State support for our nation’s mission-critical infrastructure. Today, more than ever, NYSTEC is working closely with the AFRL.  Our collaborative approach will foster regional economic growth and help develop the workforce needed to protect our national security.”

“Congressman Brindisi continues to demonstrate strong leadership and commitment to New York and our nation,” said Mary Carol Chruscicki, Executive Director of the CNY Defense Alliance. “I was so excited to help bring these people together so the Congressman could have an open conversation with all the stakeholders to better understand the needs of the region and what can be worked on as a member the HASC.

“Words cannot express how important it is to have someone like Congressman Brindisi in this role who understands the importance of Rome Lab, the Defense Finance & Accounting Services and the Eastern Air Defense Sector and the high-tech ecosystem that drives our economy and Nations security.”

Brindisi was appointed to the powerful Armed Services Committee earlier this month. The committee handles oversight and authorization of funding for DoD. In June, Brindisi secured $10 million for Rome Lab. Brindisi, a longtime champion of the Rome Lab, brought former United States Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson to the facility in March. In April, Brindisi testified about the importance of Rome Lab’s perimeter security project. His Support Procurement of our Nation’s Stainless Steel Act (SPOONSS) passed the House in July as part of the National Defense Authorization Act.

“The Mohawk Valley will continue to lead and work together to make sure our military stays the greatest in the world,” Brindisi said. “This is an issue that transcends partisan politics: making sure our troops and defense department employees have the tools they need to succeed.”

Additionally, Brindisi serves on the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs and the House Agriculture Committee.

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