To the editor:

I listened to the impeachment inquiry witnesses, and found them credible, professional and consistent. I watched the fact-free defense the GOP threw at the TV cameras that consisted of misdirection, opinions, lies and unsupported assertions. There was no defensible scenario or concrete evidence offered to counter witness testimony. I am convinced that impeachment and removal from office are both warranted and necessary for Trump.

The men who “framed” the structure of our government in the constitution gave the three branches of government (Executive, Legislative and Judicial) the duty and responsibility to check and balance each other. The framers trusted that people in these branches would be steadfast, honor their solemnly sworn oath to uphold The Constitution and the laws, and keep the welfare of the people and the nation uppermost in their minds. Sadly, we must recognize that trust is now being betrayed.

The impeachment process can deal with corrupt individuals in the government. But we have no process or referee to cope with situation we face today. Many GOP senators have openly and publicly refused to honor their oath of office and perform their constitutional responsibilities to serve as impartial jurors during the Senate trial. Their party leaders have stated that removing Trump from office will not happen, no matter how clear cut and convincing the case before them. They are on record supporting the presidency of a man who puts his political ambitions ahead of national security. A man who has issued a challenge to you, me and every other law abiding citizen in America, saying in effect “You might have to obey a subpoena, but I don’t and neither do the people in my regime.”

What do you call it when people in power refuse to obey the law, act with disregard for the interests and welfare of the nation, disseminate false narratives (a/k/a propaganda), block election security legislation and refuse to prosecute a leader who is accused of impeachable offenses?

I call it a coup.

L. Joanne Berry, Cazenovia

By martha

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