Commander’s Report

By Commander Joe Hubbard

Welcome … 2020! No not the TV show: it’s clear it’s a New Year. Yet some things never change. The same core people are carrying the load that keeps our VFW Post open. I struggle to get new members, yet I will always try. I know everyone has their own story and their own lives, but remember we stand for those who cannot stand, we talk for those who cannot be heard, we shall never forget, because others always do.

The Oxford Veterans Home trip Dec. 7 was a very humbling experience for me. Thank you goes out to Jerry Davis for your devotion to this event. As I said last month, Pete, Jerry and I all went to this event. We pushed wheelchair-bound veterans to a roomful of presents, where they chose up to five, and then we pushed them to a few tables where they were wrapped. I must say I was confused at first, but the presents are mainly not for the veteran (although they did get a few for themselves); they are for their family members who come to visit them.

One of the veterans I pushed is a 95 year old, a WW2 veteran named Charlie, who was full of life. He was so full of life that I had to tell him I did not like pushing him because all the women talk to him and not to me. We both got a good laugh and everyone was in good spirits.

As I said before, as long as I am the VFW Commander I will endorse this event but better yet, Jerry, you now have a partner to go down every year forward to this event.

The open veteran dinner held Dec. 11 went okay. The first one in the door was an old National Guard friend of mine named Willie Miller, whom I sat and talked with for an hour. He did sign up, the paperwork is in the works, and hopefully he can be vetted in our January meeting. It was not as big a turnout as I was hoping for. We could have hosted many more people without a problem, but I am only going to focus on the good of it and how to improve for the next one. Efforts for all veterans are appreciated.

I was notified by Madison County Historian Matthew Urtz that an interview of Doug Ginney about his Army experience was going to be conducted Dec. 16, and I was asked to present a shadow box to Doug at the end. You can also watch the entire video on line at

Our Christmas party was held Dec. 19 at Theodore’s. I believe all who came had a good time. We set up a POW/MIA table, and I read about the lone table. We got to listen to Harry play Taps (almost twice), and our chaplin gave us some nice words before we ate. The food was wonderful. Then I handed out some awards.

After all that, we got to the gift/regift/oh-no-not-that-gift-again. Joyce and I had the best view and got a lot of laughs.

I would like to say thank you to all the support that this new commander has been given by everyone. Please remember that I am a new commander, and some things may slip my mind at times. I rely on my elected officers, as well as others, to help me become better and unforgetting.

I was approached by someone who was upset because we did not go to the cemetery on Veterans Day. This did bother me, especially at first. The few of us that actually do things for the post should stand proud for all that we do. We cannot do everything but, as your commander, I should have found a way to not forget such a meaningful event. Another way to look at this is that people out there do notice what we do and do not do: WE MATTER!

As the colder weather is here, things slow down. Please slow down while you drive and get to where you are going alive. There is still a lot to be done for building upkeep and improve our facility.

Bingo is still every Friday, and any day you can come on in and help us out would be appreciated. If we get people to learn how to do the tasks that we do during bingo, we might be able to give those that turn out every Friday a night off. I enjoy calling the numbers, but when others ask about calling them, I will let them or show them how. If someone else is calling, I will do other tasks that need to be done. We really need help in the kitchen, and if you do not mind cooking and cleaning up, we could really use you.

Upcoming meetings and events January and February 2020

  • Jan 7: VFW Post 600 meeting at 18 (6 p.m.)
  • Jan 20: Martin Luther King, Jr., Day
  • Jan 21: VFW Auxiliary 600: Regular meeting at 6 p.m. (*third Tues)
  • Feb 1: National Freedom Day
  • Feb 4: COV General meeting at 17:30 (5:30 p.m.)
  • Feb 4: VFW Post 600 General meeting at 18 (6 p.m.) (*first Tues)
  • Feb 14: Valentine’s Day
  • Feb 17: Presidents’ Day
  • Feb 18: VFW Auxiliary 600: Regular meeting at 6 p.m. (*third Tues)

Courtesy Bulleton publisher Harry Hood.

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