Milo is a 2-year-old boy. He is pretty new to the shelter, and it has taken him a bit to get used to life there. It is hard being a shelter dog, and the busyness of the place makes life extra hard and stressful for him. He just wants to be able to relax and feel safe. He is such a sweet, loving and playful guy when he’s in a situation where he feels comfortable. He knows there’s a person out there that can give him that.

He’s wishing for a new owner who knows his past may have been tough and that he needs their patience and help to become more confident; he really looks to his handler for direction and comfort. He’d love a soft bed to sleep on and would do best in a home with no other animals.

He’d prefer a not too busy home and he has lived in a home with children 2 years old and up, even children with special needs.

A home where he’d be given time to decompress and all the love that he deserves is all he needs to flourish. If you would like to meet him, ask to meet him in the yard where he feels most at ease.

Buffy is a 1-year-old and a lovely buff-colored kitty. She likes to play with her pet mice toys, window watch and be very independent. She enjoys moist kitty food and any kitty treats. She would be best in an adult home with no small children. She tends to be nervous around them. The staff says she is a sweetheart at the vets office. Come down soon and meet her in the special visitors’ room.

For more information, visit, visit 6247 Lamphear Road, Rome, or call 315.336.7070.

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