Tenney is pictured speaking at a New Hartord rally in 2018.

Claudia Tenney, congressional candidate for NY-22, joined New York GOP Chair Nick Langworthy in calling for a repeal of the state’s bail reform law.

“The far-left legislation churning out of Albany is now having very real and dangerous consequences for the citizens of New York,” Tenney said. “It’s time we repeal Gov. [Andrew] Cuomo’s so-called bail reforms, which are literally putting violent criminals back onto our streets and placing families and law enforcement officers in danger

“Not only are criminals being allowed back on the streets, crime victims are being subjected to even more trauma. Under Cuomo’s legislation, a rape victim is required to allow an alleged rapist to return to the scene of the crime, including a woman’s home if that’s where it occurred, to collect ‘evidence.’

“This November voters will have the choice of sending conservatives like me to Washington to work with President [Donald J.] Trump and stop liberalism run amok.”

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