The Canastota Chamber of Commerce and the Canastota Public Library will host a candidate’s night at Canastota High School in the auditorium at 7 p.m. Monday, March 9, 2020.

Everyone running for the offices of mayor and trustee are invited to take part. Janet Schmidt, a former member of the League of Women Voters, will moderate.

Candidates for mayor have been asked to speak for up to five minutes on the following question “How would you keep the tax rate stable while addressing the needs of the community, given the current climate of decreasing state and federal revenue?”

After all the mayoral candidates have spoken, each one will have two minutes for rebuttal.

Trustee candidates will then speak for up to three minutes on the question “What special knowledge and/or skills do you have that will make you an asset for the village board?”

There will be one minute allowed for rebuttal.

Following the remarks of all candidates, questions from the audience will be allowed. A table with information about the candidates will be set up in the lobby near the auditorium.

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