Madison County Chairman John M. Becker declared a state of emergency in Madison County as of 2 p.m. Sunday, March 15, 2020, until rescinded due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  This declaration gives the school districts the ability to close if they so choose.  As of March 15, 2020, Madison County has no positive cases of COVID-19.

“The step of declaring a state of emergency even without having a case in the county is an important one,” said Becker. “The Madison County Department of Health and Office of Emergency Management are on the front lines of the response and preparations for if and when the virus comes to our County.  We are entering into uncharted territory here in the United States and it is important that we here in Madison County do our part.

“I take comfort, and the residents of Madison County should as well, that we are a full-service county and that we have some of the best people in the state working right here. We are working with our health care centers, schools and first-responders to make sure they have the support they need during this time.”

Becker asks the help of the community to remain calm, safe, patient and understanding during this time. The Madison County Department of Health stresses that if you are sick, stay at home and hold off on trips to public places and events until you are well. Public Health urges those who are not seriously ill to avoid hospital emergency departments, but instead call their primary healthcare provider or the regional COVID-19 triage from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. at 315.464.3979.

What can you do as a resident of Madison County?

  • Be patient and know that processes, policies and everyday norms will be changing
  • Wash your hands and practice good hygiene
  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Contact your health care provider or the hotline if you have questions or become sick
  • Check on your loved ones and neighbors
  • Promote and practice social distancing
  • Be prepared but not scared
  • Have enough prescription medications and fever-reducing medication to last you if you get sick and need to stay home
  • Stock up on a week or two of foods and drinks you like to have when you are home sick
  • Keep cleaning supplies on hand such as a bleach solution or alcohol wipes to clean and disinfect surfaces at home or work following the product label and instructions for use

The purpose of this declaration is to procure goods and services and to render all required and available assistance to municipalities and school districts that is vital to the security, well-being, and health and safety of the citizens of Madison County. This declaration does not in any way impact travel.

To get the most accurate information on COVID-19, visit the CDC webpage at For more information, call the Health Department at 315.366.2361.

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