Local essential company responds to pandemic

Pictured are thank you letters.

R.B. Humphreys, Inc., a Westmoreland-based temperature-controlled transportation company, is doing its part during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company delivers groceries and other essential, time-stamped goods for hundreds of partners, so the choice was an easy one. The drivers for the company have dedicated themselves to keeping the supply chain of food flowing.

Along with the daily functions of nearly 100 drivers out on the road still doing their jobs delivering food around-the-clock, the company has made an uptick in the donations to local food banks.

RB Humphreys historically has been aligned to giving back to the community and especially those in need. The company is also in the works of sending trailers and equipment to New York City to help with storage and address other needs, as seen fit.

Internally, the staff, albeit on skeleton crew, has bonded together to mobilize fresh food and other necessities, be made readily available for their drivers.

“So much well-deserved credit and respect is due to the first-responders and medical professionals; however, I need to recognize our industry’s drivers and dispatchers and those moving parts as vital to preventing further social and economic collapse,” said Jason T. Hill, director of driver relations.

R.B. Humphreys was founded in 1961 by a local farmer and later purchased by a Michigan-based investment firm specializing in transportation and logistics. With combined assets of two offices, 90 tractors and 125 trailers, R.B. Humphreys is one of the premiere freight carriers, with inbound and outbound destinations for much of the refrigerated foods in the Northeast regional corridor. They partner with upwards of 175 local food producers and distributors within a 400-mile radius of Westmoreland.

For more information, visit rbhumphreys.com.

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