Statement from Assemblymen John Salka and Chris Tague and Senate candidate Peter Oberacker

Assemblyman John Salka

Assemblymen John Salka and Chris Tague with Senate candidate Peter Oberacker issued the following statement regarding Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s decision to ‘seize’ upstate ventilators and other healthcare-related items:

This is a critical time for our state, and we must work together to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of all New Yorkers.

These are unprecedented times, but the dangerous plan by Governor Cuomo to “seize” ventilators and personal protective equipment by force is just plain wrong.

As we approach the apex of this crisis, we cannot create greater risk and uncertainty for our residents and hospitals; healthcare providers must be allowed to make decisions on how to best care for the people they serve and not be burdened with additional stress from reckless and irresponsible decisions.

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