Letter states he earned support after reviewing his positions and an interview

On Monday, June 15, Corey Mosher’s campaign team announced that he had received the endorsement of Planned Parenthood Empire State Votes PAC. This marks the sixth major endorsement for Mosher from state legislators, committees and organizations.

PPESV informed Mosher of the endorsement via letter, in which they spoke highly of his character and his positions.

“Our endorsement is informed in part by the rating provided by Planned Parenthood Empire State Acts, a review and evaluation of your voting records, publicly stated positions on key women’s health issues, endorsements from other organizations, strength of campaign organization and likelihood of success on Election Day,” the letter read. “New York state is a leader in progressive politics. The 2019 legislative session brought sweeping change to New York.

“At a time when our health, rights, and freedoms are being relentlessly attacked at the federal level – we need state leaders who will continue to respond. We believe you will be one of those leaders in office.”

“I am so thrilled to add Planned Parenthood to my list of endorsements,” Mosher said. “In working with them, I’ve been able to have a great back-and-forth informing them on the needs of rural communities. This relationship has been a joy so far, and I am excited to see what their organization can do to help us out here in Upstate New York.”

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