Through the generosity of Marquardt Switches, Community Memorial in Hamilton was able to access essential medical equipment parts, as Marquardt stepped up and offered help when it was needed most.

Marquardt Switches, located on Route 20 in Cazenovia, manufactures electro-mechanical switches, controls and wireless communications systems for major industries – including automotive, truck and other industrial applications. Since the shut-down of several industries related to the COVID-19 outbreak, Marquardt has been working to develop healthcare equipment. Through an expedited production process, Marquardt provided replacement pieces for Community Memorial’s PAPR (Personal Air-Purifying Respirator) machines, which medical staff wear as a type of personal protective equipment. These machines safeguard healthcare personnel against contaminated air.

“While treating COVID-19 patients, the PAPRs are essential equipment for staff,” stated Sean Fadale, President and CEO of Community Memorial. “When this public health crisis started, we realized that some tubing for our machines was damaged or needed replacement. Because of the heightened need nationally, there were shortages across the country, and our vendors could not replace our PAPR hoses.”

With replacement items hard to come by due to the COVID crisis, Community Memorial faced a troubling situation. It was at that time that Marquardt offered their services.

 “Marquardt quickly discovered that we can use our machining capabilities to offset critical shortages worldwide,” said Kirk Wardell, general manager of Marquardt Switches. “We are pleased that Marquardt can also bring its capabilities and expertise to the table in the fight against COVID-19. But it’s our employees who are working diligently every day and are eager to contribute that has really made the difference here.”

Within two short weeks, all the hosing for Community Memorial’s PAPR machines were replaced, along with adapters for the PAPR hoods that medical staff wear during treatment of COVID-19 positive patients.

“In addition to the need for this equipment, hospitals are facing financial strain. Marquardt donating these parts, along with their time, is a huge help to our organization,” added Fadale.

For more than 60 years, Community Memorial Hospital’s mission has been to provide quality and caring healthcare to thousands of patients throughout nearly 30 Central New York communities located throughout Madison County and beyond. To support the COVID-19 Emergency Fund of Community Memorial, visit .

To learn more about Marquardt’s new capabilities, contact Kirk Wardell at

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