By Pastor Ken Guilfoyle

The United (Methodist) Church of Canastota has reopened as of June 14. We have registered with New York state and were allowed to reopen after completing the required cleaning and formulating the reopening plans required by the state.

We have the plan and the permission documents posted in our church at the entrance to our Sanctuary. We are practicing social distancing and having those attending sign in accordingly, which is also in accordance with the state’s requirements.

The church is cleaned weekly before the next worship service.

Also, permission was received from our Madison County Health Department to reopen our “Loaves & Fishes” long-established lunch program with dine-in and to-go lunches. We began providing the hot lunches to all this past week (starting June 22).

The weekly AA meetings have also returned to our church complex as of last week. These meetings are essential for people in our community to gather in fellowship and the governor has allowed these meetings to begin once again. The meetings take place in our community room in the church’s lower level in order to provide social distancing and are open to the general public at 9:30 a.m. Tuesdays and 7 p.m. Fridays. Meeting areas are cleaned after each meeting to ensure the area is COVID-free for the next meeting.

We have not been able to accommodate our Canastota Community Band yet, as social distancing cannot be accomplished at rehearsal in our community room with their musical instruments.

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