BRiDGES and Madison County partners encourage #PreventionHappensHere challenge

BRiDGES, Madison County’s Council on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse is hosting a county-wide prevention photo challenge that began July 1. Many business and outdoor spaces are partnering with the local prevention agency to encourage participation in this awareness campaign.

BRiDGES is calling on Madison County residents to post photos of themselves practicing prevention using #PreventionHappensHere to show support for this campaign, originated by SAMSHA for National Prevention Week.

“Businesses and organizations from across our beautiful county have partnered with us to get this campaign running,” said Maureen Campanie, BRiDGES associate director. “Beginning July 1, we will announce places across the county where residents can go to take a selfie with one of our signs. Many establishments will be giving out incentives to those who participate.

“It’s very exciting to be working with so many businesses and outdoor spaces to spread the key idea that prevention can happen anywhere. SAMSHA created such an impactful campaign and we are happy to be able to carry it beyond National Prevention Week and into people’s everyday lives.”

Prevention goes beyond learning the negative consequences of gambling and drug and alcohol use. Jennifer Cottet, STOP DWI  Community Outreach and Education Specialist says, “BRiDGES is using this campaign to encourage people to think about the ways they practice prevention everyday-like brushing their teeth or making time for friendships.

“It is so important to care for our own physical and mental well-being and BRiDGES is trying to show people how simple that can be. You can take care of yourself by getting enough sleep, wearing a seat belt, going for a walk, or reading a book. For some seeing a therapist is prevention and for others it’s playing a game with their children. It’s all important though.”

BRiDGES is located in downtown Oneida and houses many programs focused on prevention. BRiDGES provides community education on alcohol, tobacco, and other substances. BRiDGES also offers school programming, youth gambling prevention, suicide prevention, and a support network for LGBTQIA youth.

Post your #PreventionHappensHere picture and make sure to tag BRiDGES. Please visit BRiDGES/MCCASA on facebook or for more information on how you can participate.

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